MongoEngine User Documentation

MongoEngine is an Object-Document Mapper, written in Python for working with MongoDB. To install it, simply run

$ python -m pip install -U mongoengine

A quick tutorial building a tumblelog to get you up and running with MongoEngine.

User Guide

The Full guide to MongoEngine — from modeling documents to storing files, from querying for data to firing signals and everything between.

API Reference

The complete API documentation — the innards of documents, querysets and fields.


How to upgrade MongoEngine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Django Support

Using MongoEngine and Django

MongoDB and driver support

MongoEngine is based on the PyMongo driver and tested against multiple versions of MongoDB. For further details, please refer to the readme.


To get help with using MongoEngine, use the MongoEngine Users mailing list or the ever popular stackoverflow.


Yes please! We are always looking for contributions, additions and improvements.

The source is available on GitHub and contributions are always encouraged. Contributions can be as simple as minor tweaks to this documentation, the website or the core.

To contribute, fork the project on GitHub and send a pull request.


See the Changelog for a full list of changes to MongoEngine and upgrade for upgrade information.


Always read and test the upgrade documentation before putting updates live in production ;)

Offline Reading

Download the docs in pdf or epub formats for offline reading.

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